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Does your morning commute feel boring and mundane? Although you might have to trek to work every day, it shouldn't have to be boring to drive. With the right car, driving can be more than just getting from point A to point B. If you're sick of your current car, you might be in the market for one of the latest Dodge cars for sale. If you want a dealer who can put you in the right vehicle can give you a wide array of car deals near you, then we can help! Here at our Dodge dealers in Milwaukee, we take our clients' needs very seriously. We make sure to put your specific needs above all else, ensuring you find your ideal vehicle with the greatest of ease. For over 50 years, Ewald has been a name synonymous with service, savings, and selection. As many of our satisfied customers will tell you, we're an excellent source when it comes to automotive.

Although we can make it a breeze to track down the right car, you may have already set your sights on the new line of Challengers for sale. Although the Dodge Challenger has long been associated with power and performance, these newest models are incomparable. These new Dodge cars for sale may have a similar appearance to many others before it, but don't let that fool you. The base model is capable of busting out 305 horsepower to give you a surplus of power. Although you can also expect to get a respectable 30 MPG on the highway with the least powerful engines, you might want even more power. These new Challengers for sale come with a few different engine options, with the largest giving you 797 horsepower. Inside of these cars for sale in Milwaukee, you'll find plenty of comfort and a stylish design reminiscent of a fighter jet.

The digital display cluster allows you to customize and change your readouts, giving you control in more ways than one. Innovative technology inside of these new Challengers for sale gives you not only a more convenient ride but also a safer one. Cross-traffic alert makes backing out of tight spots in busy parking lots a piece of cake. Aside from this, you can keep track of everything going on around you with blind-spot monitoring and a rear-view camera. When you want safety, comfort, style, and performance, then be sure to come by and take one of our Challengers for sale for a spin!
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Dodge Cars For Sale

We may have plenty of new Dodge cars for sale and various car deals near you that come with them, but you might want to look into buying used instead. Although there are some great advantages to buying new cars in Milwaukee, you might want to save even more money on your purchase. If this is the case, then our used Dodge cars for sale may be the right move for you! We even go through the process of live-market pricing our pre-owned vehicles to ensure you're getting a fair deal. By looking at the rates on used Dodge cars for sale all over the country, we can see when prices shift every hour of the day.
When we see that used cars for sale in Milwaukee, or anywhere else, are being offered for less, we slash down our prices. As much as you might be excited to have so many affordable used Challengers for sale in one location, you might still feel a bit worried about reliability. There are many sellers or dealers out there who may not give you the honesty you deserve. However, here at Ewald, we believe you should have total transparency when making a large investment such as used cars for sale in Milwaukee. For this reason, we go through the process of inspecting all our pre-owned Dodge cars for sale to ensure they run optimally. Since a history report is just as important as an inspection, we provide one free of charge with any vehicle that catches your eye.

When you work with Ewald, it doesn't matter whether you buy new or used Dodge cars for sale because you're destined to end up with a dependable one! However, if you are curious as to whether one of our used or new cars in Milwaukee falls within your budget, you can also use our auto loan calculator on our website. In seconds, this tool will estimate your monthly payments, granting you valuable insight without needing to apply for a loan. Making your shopping experience simple, stress-free, and overall positive experience are just a few of the many reasons to choose us as your dealers.

Our Milwaukee Dodge dealership prides itself on helping our customers find the best options for them and making it easy to do so as well. If you're feeling like it's the right time to stop by and check out all we can offer, what's stopping you? Our Dodge dealers near Milwaukee are open 6 days a week, which means your busy schedule won't have to be an obstacle. You can find us conveniently located at 6319 S 108th St., Franklin, WI 53132.

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