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After spending a good chunk of change on a new or used vehicle, it makes sense to protect your investment to the best of your ability. Avoiding a costly repair bill is as simple as finding yourself a trusted source for Chrysler service near you. If you’re after parts, repairs, or need a new set of tires, visit us. You’ll want to feel confident you’re leaving your vehicle in the hands of trained professionals. Even something as simple as an oil change could end in disaster when going to mechanics that are more concerned about their bottom line or turnover than your satisfaction. A smart way to ensure your car, truck, SUV, or van gets the care it needs is by taking it to a certified Chrysler Service Center in Milwaukee. Luckily, Ewald CJDR is more than just a great place to shop for your next vehicle. Coming to us entails you’ll have an entire team of professionals to keep your Chrysler running optimally. Whether you drive a model that’s one year old or have had the same one for over a decade, we’re more than qualified to work on it.

There are some distinct differences between getting certified Chrysler service near you and going to an independent mechanic. A crucial thing to keep in mind is that we thoroughly vet all our specialists to ensure they meet our high standards. Each technician we employ is trained by the manufacturer, confirming they have extensive knowledge of your specific make and model. Also, we arm our team with all the latest tools and resources directly from the manufacturer. Having access to cutting-edge technology like diagnostic machines means we’re equipped to handle your auto needs. It’s even a policy for us to only use OEM parts and components if you ever require a new one for repairs. On top of all this, you can expect us to be totally upfront with you every step of the way. Honesty and transparency are two main policies we have at Ewald CJDR, no matter if you’re shopping for a vehicle or getting Chrysler service near you.

Sometimes, people are under the impression that something as seemingly trivial as an oil change can be routinely put off. A busy schedule can especially hinder your ability to stop by for necessary maintenance as well. However, even not changing your oil could lead to some rather severe repercussions further down the road. The oil under your hood helps to dispel heat, lubricate vital components, and prevents engine buildup. These three things are vital if you intend to make your car last longer than just a few years. However, it’s easy for some mechanics to use the wrong type of oil and lead to undue stress on your powertrain without being any the wiser. A good way to avoid this happening to you is by signing up for a maintenance plan here at Ewald CJDR! We’ll send you reminders whenever you’re due for routine maintenance like new brake pads or having any of your fluids changed. These plans make it far easier to stay on top of your vehicle’s needs, ensuring you don’t need to worry about paying out of pocket each visit. We strive to make our clients’ lives less stressful, and that becomes clear after making just one trip to our location.

Do you want to be certain you give your car certified Chrysler service near you but don’t wish to break the bank? Most people assume they’ll need to pay extra to get quality maintenance and repairs. Although this may be true at some places, helping you spend less is yet another goal we have at Ewald CJDR. There’s an opportunity to save quite a bit on repairs and Chrysler service when you take advantage of our online coupons. If you plan to make us your primary source for maintenance, don’t hesitate to ask about our Ewald Rewards Program. Becoming a member of our rewards program will enable you to earn points every time you make a buy. Later, these points can be used to get discounts on parts, accessories, and even Chrysler service near you. It’s hard to pass up a good deal, especially when you can feel confident our factory-trained specialists will keep your car running smoothly.

If your check engine light is on or you’ve noticed a reduction in your performance, it’s likely time to head to Ewald CJDR of Franklin. If you got your Chrysler vehicle from us or somewhere else, we have the means and expertise to handle the job. Whenever you’re ready, visit us. You can give us a call during business hours or schedule an appointment online at any time. We’re here six days a week to ensure that your schedule never comes between you and certified Chrysler service near you. For a source you know you can trust, you’ll find us at 6319 S 108th St., Franklin, WI 53132.

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