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When you are looking for a pickup truck in Wisconsin, Ewald CJDR Franklin is an excellent location to start. Our Jeep Gladiator finance near Waukesha give me a customer back on the road in a Jeep pickup truck. These trucks have what makes a Jeep great while adding a bed for extra versatility. Customers can investigate our diverse inventory with the help of our comprehensive services. The auto sales representatives will help you locate a vehicle that has the specifications you have been looking for. Our uncertain clients can have a consultation with our team to narrow down potential models. When you prefer a Jeep, a Jeep Gladiator financing near Waukesha can be the truck you need. At Ewald CJDR Franklin, you can also learn more about your financing opportunities and our leasing offers. Each plan comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages.

Customers often prefer a financing plan when they are interested in a long-term acquisition. A financing plan places the vehicle in your ownership upon the completion of your financing, while a lease is more of a short-term option. Our Waukesha car dealer also introduces incentives and special offers within our financing department. Customers can learn about Ewald’s credit options and other financing options. Once you have acquired a Jeep Gladiator, you don’t want to slack on its maintenance. The Jeep service center of Ewald CJDR Franklin can help you extend the longevity of your Jeep truck. The certified technicians employed at Ewald can give you the routine maintenance assistance and diagnostic analyses that you need. We know how inconvenient in can be to suffer from a malfunction, which is why our team strives to deliver quick and easy service. Customers that would prefer to work on their Jeep Gladiator alone can find an assortment of Jeep parts at our parts department. DIY enthusiasts will enjoy our diverse inventory of replacement parts and accessories. Our technicians can offer you advice or help when a part is particularly vexing. Ewald CJDR Franklin’s extensive services can be of use to many members of our community, as they can rest easy knowing that our service is paired with quality assurance.

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The quality assurances at our Waukesha car dealer begin with our dealership’s reputation. Clients can inspect our customer reviews when they would like a better feel for what our dealership has to offer. We take pride in our reputation at Ewald, which is why we have made our google reviews and customer testimonials easy to find. It is important that you choose a seller you can trust when purchasing your next car. A private seller, for example, will not be able to provide the same quality assurances. Odds are that this seller has never sold a car before, making any purchase a gamble. If that wasn’t bad enough, these private sellers also do not provide a maintenance history. When you purchase a used vehicle from Ewald CJDR Franklin, you will be provided with a comprehensive maintenance history report. This allows our curious customers to feel more comfortable with their purchases on the spot. If Ewald CJDR Franklin has piqued your interest, you might like to visit us in person.

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If you would like to inspect a Jeep in Waukesha personally, Ewald CJDR Franklin is ready to help. When customers arrive at our dealership, they will be offered a guided tour of the lot by our professional team sales representatives. Our Waukesha dealership’s staff is a valuable resource during your investigation, so be sure to take advantage of them. They are well-versed in our inventory specifications, allowing them to locate an ideal model for your lifestyle. When you asked to be shown a Jeep pickup truck, our team members can show you the Jeep Gladiator. The inspection process of our Jeeps in Waukesha will begin with the exterior of the vehicle. The exterior inspection includes an evaluation of the paint job, body kit, and aesthetics. You must ensure that the vehicle provides the artistic and practical needs that you might have. This is also the opportune time to request spatial dimensions for the bed of the Jeep Gladiator for sale. Our clientele can also assess the potential for exterior accessories during this phase of the inspection. If you are ready to advance, our representative can showcase the interior. The first aspect that you need to take note of is comfortability. The material the seats are made of, as well as their design, can be of vital importance. Nobody wants to purchase an uncomfortable model, so take your time to get accustomed to the seating. While you get comfortable, our agent will highlight the technological amenities of the Jeep Gladiator. If you are still undecided, you can arrange a test drive at our Waukesha car dealer. Whatever car or service you need, Ewald CJDR Franklin is here to make it easy.

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Sting-gray Clear Coat
3.6L V6 24V VVT
Cab Type: 
4D Crew Cab
Four Wheel Drive
Stock #:
$740.78 / month*
This pricing does not include any additional market adjustments or add-ons. This vehicle includes Ewald's exclusive 20 yr/ 200,000 mile Limited Powertrain Warranty. You may also qualify for additional incentives like military rebate or recent college graduate. We'll pay more for your trade! Ewald...   Read More
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