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Milwaukee Service Center

Having you been searching for a Milwaukee service center that you can rely on? If you have, Ewald CJDR Franklin is here to help. The Ewald Automotive Group owns our reputable car dealership near you. When you are searching for a reliable Wisconsin service, Ewald makes it easy. As a member of Wisconsin’s Better Business Bureau, the Ewald Automotive Group gives community members an option they can trust. We have multiple dealerships scattered across Wisconsin after 40 years of quality service. People looking for reassurances can visit our Google page for customer reviews. There are many evaluations of our services so you can grow confident in our approach. Customers throughout Wisconsin can find a local dealership that serves their needs. If you are looking for a Milwaukee service center affiliated with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, there is no place better than Ewald CJDR Franklin. We do our utmost to provide reliable service to local drivers when they need it most. Our team of professionals can help you plan automotive maintenance so that it is both convenient and easy. Every driver will eventually need some form of maintenance. Whether you need a routine maintenance partner or a collision center, Ewald CJDR Franklin is here to make your repairs possible.

People searching for more information can visit Ewald CJDR Franklin’s website. This is where you can browse our service department, along with whatever else you need clients. Clients looking to schedule Milwaukee auto repairs can begin by filling out a ticket. This ticket will help our CJDR-certified technicians prepare for your arrival. We ask that you provide as many details as you can, along with pictures of any damages. Our website can provide you with a remote estimate and an appointment whenever you are ready. Other than our scheduling services, you can also learn about routine maintenance practices. People who visit our Milwaukee service center are often looking for routine maintenance assistance. By using the instructional videos on our website, you can prepare yourself as a car owner. We will help you learn how to jumpstart your car, change a tire, and check your oil. These are essential duties of any car owner. The instructional videos will also show you what to look for so you can properly maintain your vehicle. For example, when you check your oil, there will be a certain procedure that our technicians have detailed online. They will help you check the appropriate oil line so you can estimate your need for replacement oil. There is also tire replacement. You will need to maintain your tires so that you can protect yourself from the dangers of the road. This is especially true for Wisconsin drivers, as many roads have steep grades or icy surfaces. Ewald CJDR Franklin’s technicians will show you the edge of the tire and point out the deep grooves along the side. As these grooves begin to flatten, your car will lose its ability to grip the road. Responsible drivers will check the tread of their tires occasionally to ensure they are in good condition. If you notice that your tires are losing their tread, it is time to purchase a replacement set. Our website carries a few different kinds of tires for you to consider. You can learn about each kind on our website until you find one that is right for you. While these routine maintenance procedures are important, some drivers require more serious Milwaukee auto repair.

Milwaukee Auto Repair

When looking for auto body repair near Milwaukee, WI, you can visit our Collision Center. Ewald CJDR Franklin’s has information regarding our Collision Center online so you can learn about appropriate services. If you are having a mechanical issue with your car, you can rely on our certified technicians to identify the malfunction. Using the technology available to them at Ewald CJDR Franklin, they can locate the malfunction quickly. Once they have identified the malfunction, they will need to find a solution. Our team of professionals will troubleshoot possible options before getting back to you with an estimate. It is common for people seeking Jeep service near you to seek advice from these technicians. They are well-versed in CJDR vehicles, making them a great resource for our community. Other than mechanical issues, you might be searching for collision repair near Milwaukee. Ewald CJDR Franklin employs artists and body experts that can help you repair and restore your car. We know how traumatic a collision can be. When you visit Ewald CJDR Franklin for your collision repairs, you will receive the prompt assistance you need. Clients can ill-afford to reschedule their daily life because of a damaged car. In an effort to accommodate our community, we support our clients with temporary options. If your collision repairs take an extended period of time, our temporary vehicle will provide a useful stopgap. You will be able to continue your daily routine uninterrupted, thanks to the assistance of our Milwaukee service center. Whatever type of Milwaukee on the repairs is right for you; you can learn more about them on our website. If you would like to consult with our certified technicians in person, you are more than welcome to visit our dealership.

Clients who prefer to visit our dealership in person can meet with our staff. It can be difficult to provide you with maintenance upon arrival without an appointment. However, if you have an emergency, we will do our utmost to quickly provide what you need. Customers visiting our Jeep dealership near Milwaukee and learn about their auto repairs with our technicians. Somebody should be available to offer you advice as you consider your options. The routine maintenance services available to our dealership make us a trustworthy partner for your daily life. You can return to us when you need tire service, fluid replacements, or anything else that you might need. With the certified approach to our technicians, you are sure to extend the longevity of your current car. People visiting our collision center can also learn about our extension service. From auto glass repairs to mechanical issues, Ewald CJDR Franklin can do it all. We will accommodate you and visit and educate you regarding the necessary process. When you are looking for repairs, you can get an estimate from our service staff before beginning.

Other clients choose to visit our parts department. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts are particularly fond of our inventory. We carry OEM parts for your convenience so that you can feel satisfied with your repairs. Our technicians are prepared to offer you advice as you browse our inventory for the right part. There is a wide selection available to you, including more than just replacement parts. You can find upgrades for your performance or even aesthetic accessories that can improve your experience. Whatever type of car part is right for you, you can discuss it with our representatives. We are eager to help you get back on the road with the repairs that you need; all you need to do is schedule an appointment or visit us in person. When these repairs prove difficult, you can count on us for Chrysler Capital support and the proper accommodations. Remember, if you are searching for CJDR Milwaukee auto repairs, Ewald CJDR Franklin will make it easy.

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