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Have you been looking forward to the all-new Dodge Ram 3500? If your answer is yes, then get ready for one of the best in a long line of exceptional pickups. Ewald CJDR in Franklin is proud to offer the impressive and unequaled 2021 Ram 3500 HD. With a great deal more power and fuel-efficiency, these vehicles will make a remarkable addition to your fleet or for personal use. Whether hauling a serious load or conquering rocky terrain, these rugged vehicles cannot be stopped. Although Ram trucks for sale have kept the robustness and power of previous models, they feature a level of refinement never before seen in the Ram 3500. With many high-tech safety and entertainment features loaded in these new diesel trucks for sale, now is an excellent time to get behind the wheel of one. Are you finding yourself wanting to know the specifics of what the new Ram 3500 can offer? Below, we’ve listed just a few of the things that set these pickups apart from others in their class.

2019 Ram 3500 Interior

Safer And More Convenient

Aside from convenience and entertainment features, there’s a lot more offered in the new Ram 3500 HD when it comes to technology. Merging technology together to ensure both a smoother and safer ride is what Ram has tried to do with these new pickups, and has succeeded. Take for instance the Forward Collision Warning With Active Braking Technology in these new Dodge Ram trucks. If this system detects you happen to be distracted and unaware of stopped vehicles, it will alert you. Also, if it detects that you’re unable to react quick enough, this intelligent system will automatically apply the brakes for you. Even Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop technology offered in the Dodge Ram 3500 is able to detect a change in traffic speed and re-adjust your speed. Not only will this advanced cruise control be able to adjust and keep a safe distance from cars ahead, but it will also apply the breaks if it detects stopped traffic ahead. Also, parking these new Ram trucks is simple despite their size thanks to the Front and Rear Active Parking Assist. In addition, no roads will be too dark due to the Adaptive Forward Lighting System. Allowing the headlamps to rotate up to 15° means that these bright LED lights will follow wherever you turn.

2019 Ram 3500 Dash

Technologically Advanced

A significant distinction that the Ram 3500 has over many other pickups in its class is the comfort and technology it provides. For example, the available 360° Surround View Camera with Trailer Reverse Guidance View uses five cameras to give you a complete picture of the truck’s surroundings. Being able to monitor your hitch with a camera will make attaching a trailer to it a piece of cake. These pickups also offer a 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system, allowing you to have a large and clear view or your surroundings. The stereo in the new Ram 3500 HD is also connected to an immense 750-watt multi-channel amplifier. In addition, you’ll also find 17 speakers which make for an immersive surround sound system. However, the Active Noise Cancellation technology in the Ram 3500 HD also allows for a quiet ride. These new Ram trucks for sale also employ electronically controlled frame-mounted active-tuned mass modules, providing a vibration-free ride also.

Legendary Power

Over the course of many years, the Ram 3500 has been regarded for its performance and power, and this year is no exception. These new Ram trucks have ranked best-in-class where it truly matters: Power. With a best-in-class 35,100 pounds of towing capability in these diesel trucks for sale, hauling even the largest trailers can be a breeze. The large towing capacity of the Ram 3500 HD is in part thanks to the 6.7-liter High Output Cumming Turbo Diesel engine. This mighty engine is able to crank out a massive 1,000 lbs-ft of torque, which is far more than any Dodge Ram 3500s that have come before it. However, the performance of these Ram trucks for sale near you isn’t just limited to their power. Ram has done all they can do to ensure drivers have both a more convenient and smoother ride. The class-exclusive auto-level rear suspension is able to adjust to the size of the payloads you have in your bed, both automatically and manually. The suspension also allows the bed to be lowered, making it a breeze to get even the most massive payloads into your bed. Another one of the contributing factors to the towing capabilities and improved handling of these Ram diesel trucks is the roll-formed high-strength steel frame. Even though most Ram trucks have been made out of steel in the past, a new aluminum alloy added ensures they keep their strength while also shedding some weight excess weight. Even though this only makes these Dodge Ram pickup trucks for sale 40 pounds lighter, you’ll see quite a difference in their responsiveness.

If you’re the type of person that needs a truck that can handle any job or task you throw at it, then one of these Ram trucks may be right from you. Offering more towing and power than any other pickup in its class, there’s no contest when it comes to those who need a sturdy and reliable truck. Still don’t believe us? Then be sure to stop by and check them out for yourself! We guarantee you’ll be astounded by these brand-new diesel trucks for sale and want to take one home for yourself. The following engines are all the various powertrains that are offered in these Ram trucks for sale:

6.4 Hemi V8

  • Torque: 429 lb-ft
  • Horsepower: 410
  • Max Towing: 17,130 lbs
  • Max Payload: 6,600 lbs

6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel I6

  • Torque: 850 lb-ft
  • Horsepower: 370
  • Max Towing: 21,560 lbs
  • Max Payload: 5,730 lbs

Cummins High Output Turbo Diesel

  • Torque: 1,000 lb-ft
  • Horsepower: 400
  • Max Towing: 35,100 lbs
  • Max Payload: 6,570 lbs

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