Save on Oil Changes with Ewald Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Ewald Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Makes it Easy to Save on Oil Changes

Oil Changes
Despite its easy affordability and a well-known necessity for vehicular health, many people often overlook their oil and getting it changed. Engine oil plays a vital role in your vehicle’s health and longevity, and spending a little to have your oil changed out with fresh clean oil with Ewald Auto Service Center in Milwaukee will keep you from needing to spending an arm and a leg in the future.

What Oil Does For You
The importance your engine oil is made clear when you take a glance at what it does for your engine. Your engine’s oil does three major things for your engine, the first is to lube up your engines components so it will run smoothly and reduce wear and tear. Secondly, your oil helps prevent your engine from overheating by drawing out heat from your combustion chamber and moving it away. Finally, your oil helps keep your engine from building up carbon, varnishes, and gunk that would otherwise stuff up your engine.

When Should It Be Changed?
Most times you will be advised to change your oil after a certain amount of miles, or after a period of time has passed to maintain clean oil. But here at Ewald Parts and Service Center in Milwaukee, our experts have concluded that mileage is much more of an important factor than time, as using your vehicle produces more wear and tear on your vehicle than simply sitting around does. Other factors you may want to consider include extreme heat, towing a trailer, or driving where there is a lot of dust and sand. Just to be safe with your vehicle our experts here at Ewald Milwaukee Car Service Center highly recommend that you get a change of oil every 3,000 miles to avoid any problems that would arise from unchanged oil, and you can get your oil changed cheaply and quickly when you come to the Milwaukee Car Service Center at Ewald’s Automotive Group.

What Are The Consequences?
Putting off changing your oil can have disastrous consequences that could cost you thousands of dollars. What will happen first is that you will begin to build up gunk in the cooler parts of your engine, reducing its efficiency and making it harder for your engine to perform. Fixing this would require engine cleaning, or even replacing the piston rings, which are both somewhat expensive. Continuing to drive in this condition could cause further damage to the pistons or even the camshafts, which will cost you thousands in repair bills, and could’ve been prevented with a cheap oil change from Ewald.

Fear not, however, as these ultimately costly repairs can very easily be avoided thanks to Ewald Auto Parts and Service Center in Milwaukee, where getting your oil changed is an easy and very simple process. We will have your oil changed in 45 minutes or less, that is our promise to you, and also our oil changes come with a free top off of all fluids as well as a free car wash. So stop by Ewald Automotive Group as soon as possible and schedule an oil change before all those costly repairs start adding up!
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